Why Use Strand?

Why Use Strand?

Why should I use Strand for shipping overseas?
Let us give you some good reasons.

Because we are physically here (not a web-based service broker)

Strand Freight Systems, Inc. is a local relocation service provider. Strand will not short-change you by sending an agent or commission a sales person to survey your home. Instead Strand’s Director will come personally to perform the survey, to discuss your needs, and to explain the process and all its fees – face-to-face.

It is in Strand’s own warehouse, which is clean, safe, weather-controlled, and easily accessed, where you will accumulate your purchases in before the shipment is sealed. It is Strand’s experienced crew members who will pack and wrap your goods. And it is Strand’s trucks that will haul your goods away.

Strand’s managers and its staff are at your disposal. We are here, a step or a short ride away, whenever you need our attention, without having to contact far-away for-profit and at times out-of-touch intermediates.

Because we have the experience (30 years and going)…

Strand Freight Systems, Inc. has begun its forth decade of providing top quality international relocation services. Over the last three decades, we have assisted tens of thousands of customers to relocate worldwide. Strand’s managers are experts in the field, and our full-time, year-round crew has gained its experience from working many years with us.

For those of you shipping to Israel, we are the ONLY origin services provider in the North-East with reliable, top-notch, continuous service to Israel for over three decades. Exporting personal effects and household goods is what we do best.

Because we care about the safety of your goods…

Your goods are safe with us. Strand’s managers operate from our new US hub, in Hillside, NJ, which includes the warehouse where we receive and store your goods until their departure overseas. Strand’s managers personally monitor first-hand every aspect of our warehouse operation. Nothing enters or leaves the warehouse without their authorization.

Our new US hub is fireproof, weather controlled, and located in a secure NJ town. We have security alarm, which is monitored 24/7 by a central station as well as 24/7 closely monitored internet-based video surveillance system.

Understanding that the safety of your possessions is key to your satisfaction, we at Strand go the extra mile to secure your goods.

Because with Strand, you only pay for the volume you ship…

Ocean shipping costs are mostly based on volume shipped. The industry’s common notion of charging for empty or fluffed space is unacceptable by Strand’s standards. With a state-of-the-art crating facility, Strand works hard to tailor-make its crates to fit the size of your shipped goods. Strand’s tight, careful and puzzle-like manner of packing exclusive containers often leave our clientle in awe.

Because we are Professional, Modern, Up-to-Date.

Our in-house crating facility develops high standard crates that are customized to your needs and are built to withstand harsh voyages. This facility allows us to tailor-make the crates around your goods. Furthermore, we have developed our own unique packing techniques and materials – which you will not find elsewhere – all to make your goods arrive safely at your destination.

We inspect and give special care to all goods arriving at our warehouse. We, then, update our computerized database and send you an update via email or mail accordingly. Understanding your need for peace of mind, we have designed our procedures to provide it.

Because our Door-to Door service is different and better than what is offered elsewhere…

While Door to Door service is a term-of-art in the shipping industry, what you get for it varies with different vendors. First and foremost, Strand provides you with a level of personal care you are not likely to find elsewhere: starting with the home survey, which is conducted personally by one of Strand’s Directors; the supplies for all your packing needs; the allocation of an experienced and reliable crew to pack and remove your goods; the personal quality-control of Strand Directors and their availability to answer you at every step of the process; etc.

Our solid experience, the logistics we have put in place, and the day-to-day efforts we invest in assuring your satisfaction are important ingredients in our Door to Door service.

Call us and we will provide you with our expert service of shipping and purchasing.

Because when shipping with Strand, you have PEACE OF MIND…

We know that moving to another country forces you to deal with numerous issues at the same time. Call us for service and you’ll be free to sort out your things slowly, wrap-up some personal matters, and spend time with your co-workers, friends and family before you leave.

We will receive goods on your behalf at our warehouse prior to your moving date. We will pack and pickup goods from your home, and consolidate them with your purchases to crates and/or containers before shipping.

We will ship it by air or via ocean based on your needs, and issue an all-risk insurance policy on your behalf. We will handle all export documentation at the point of origin, and process it through customs at destination.

We will deliver your goods to your residence and help you with their initial setup.

Because you will not be able to get the service we provide at better prices elsewhere…

Strand Freight Systems, Inc. is a highly experienced service company, and as such, any agreement signed by us is settled with no additional “surprise fees”. Our capable and courteous crews, at all levels and locations, will provide you with a pleasant and professional experience from start to finish. We understand that stepping into the muddy area of the shipping industry can be somewhat overwhelming. Therefore, we would be happy to review quotes from competing companies and point to you how their service and fees defer from Strand’s.