Israel Aliyah

Israel Aliyah

Israel-2013-Jaffa_03For three decades, Strand’s business has focused on providing top quality service for new Olim.

Being the core of our service, we have shaped it to suit the needs and wants of new Olim. We understand well the anxiety involved with immigration to a new country across the the globe.

From the top down, every function in Strand’s operation is designed to provide personal, punctual, and honest service, so everything we do contributes to make this transition and adjustment easier.

Years ago when prospective Olim had hard time getting good and solid information about Aliyah in general, about shipping, customs rights, etc., Strand took it upon itself to prepare and inform its clientele as much as possible.

In recent years, after Nefesh B’Nefesh took the lead on motivating Aliyah and with the simultaneous development of the Internet, wealth of information is only a click-of-a-button away. Nefesh B’Nefesh has web lectures and pages that are loaded with information. Israeli government’s web pages provide their input and so do other agencies, organizations and various vendors.

The problem with the wealth of information today is that many websites do not keep up with the ongoing changes and updates of new regulations, processes, and/or fees.

As always, STRAND updates its material and messages and ascertains that its customers who are prospective Olim are well informed with the most recent changes concerning Oleh rights, the shipping process and the relevant fees.