Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For the benefit of our customers, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

How is Strand Freight Systems, Inc. different from its competitors?

There are many differences between Strand’s operation compared with its competition. However, it can be narrowed down to the type of service you receive as a Strand’s customer.

It begins with a PERSONAL SERVICE, from your initial contact with Strand until the delivery of your goods.
We provide you with STATE OF THE ART, PROFFESSIONAL PACKING, and crew of EXPERIENCED WORKERS unlike you may otherwise find in this industry.

We describe and quote you ALL costs involved with NO SURPRISES or HIDDEN CHARGES.

When should I call for an estimate?

As soon as you’ve made your decision about what to ship, we can begin to provide an estimate of its shipping costs. In general, we suggest having a survey conducted over the phone and/or in your residence about three months before your move.

When do I know the final costs?

Final charges are based upon the actual packed volume to be shipped and not the estimated one. We try to give you as conservative estimate as possible, so you won’t feel surprised. If a container is discussed, final costs will not differ from the estimated ones, as long as it is shipped in the same manner.

I’ve had an estimate. What comes next?

After a survey is done, you will receive a written price quote, summarizing all the costs involved. This is the time that you have to make sure you understand it all, especially if you do some comparison-shopping. Different shippers will present things in different ways and don’t necessarily give the complete picture. If you don’t address items that are not completely clear, you might find yourself surprised later.

Strand’s quotes are presented to you in a straightforward manner to avoid any confusion at any step of the way.

I want to have my things shipped with Strand, what should I do?

You will receive an agreement. Review it, call if you have any questions, and send us back a signed copy with your deposit. We will then open a file and send you further guidance so you can proceed with your plans.

Do you provide storage?

Yes! We will provide you with enough storage time, as indicated in our written agreement, so you can accumulate your purchases before the date of your move. We will receive goods here on your behalf, inspect them, and wrap them if needed and update you via email so you can keep track of the arrival of your purchases.

Our warehouse is secure and has easy access and free parking for any vehicle. We are fully equipped and prepared to handle every load within minutes of its arrival. Our warehouse is weather controlled, heated during the cold seasons, and is kept clean and in orderly fashion at all times. Long term storage is available, as well, upon your request.

Can I allow people to add things to my shipment?

We advise you not to, but it is your shipment. People ask to add one or two cartons and show up with ten or twenty. You usually have no knowledge of what is packed in their boxes, and in the rare case of customs inspection you might find yourself surprised and in an unpleasant situation. Moving overseas is a big step, and it is advised to eliminate unnecessary headaches.

If you choose to allow people to add goods to your shipment, please do it in writing and explain to them how to mark their goods as well as where and when to deliver them. It is crucial that you are well aware of what it is that they put on your shipment.

Can I inspect the items shipped directly to the warehouse?

Certainly! You will receive a notice of what is received on your behalf. At any time during our regular business hours you can schedule an inspection of you goods. In any event, we would like you to inspect it all at the time of its final packing for shipping.

What items do I have to pack myself?

Unless agreed otherwise, you are expected to pack all your personal belonging and all items in your household that are not fragile (i.e. books, toys, clothing, pots & pans…).

Where can i get packing supplies?

We will provide you with all the packing supply you need for this shipment at no additional cost.

Can I use storage bins I have?

Sure, Storage bins with good lids are perfect. Put a piece of tape on it to mark it with your file and sequential numbers.

So, what exactly do you pack?

On the day of the pickup, we will take care of packing all your fragile items (i.e. dishes, glassware, lamps, and pictures…). Also, we will wrap all your furniture and any other items which you couldn’t handle yourself.

How do you recommend packing?

We will provide you with boxes of three sizes. The general rule is, the heavier the content is the smaller the box you should use. A carton that you cannot move around needs to be broken down to smaller packages. It is important that you fill up the boxes completely, so, when they are stacked, nothing will get crushed.

Every carton has to be labeled with a sequential number on three faces of the box, so you can identify it and its content without turning a pile of boxes or the schlepper. Your file number should be written on every package that leaves your house. Do not write the content on the carton; the content is described by you in a special format, which we will provide you with the packing supply. Light and fluffy stuff can be put in plastic bags so we can use it for stuffing in void spaces. Please invest in good quality bags, and air them out before you seal them, so they won’t pop open as we press them into tight corners.

Liquids, Shampoo and detergents are good to avoid, but if you have to, wrap every bottle in a plastic bag, pad it well before you put it in the carton, and mark the box “liquid”! If you send any plastic containers, it is best to pack the liquids in them.

We also recommend you to avoid sending items which are sensitive to heat.

Can I fill up drawers of furniture?

Hat boxes, pillows and such are the only items allowed. Please remember that the porter is not a mule, therefore, you cannot expect him to act as such. More important, furniture is built to stand loaded on solid ground. The potholes of NY/NJ and the swinging of two weeks on the ocean are not, by any definition, solid ground.

Are there any items, which cannot be sent?

Pressurized cans, flammable and/or hazardous materials, guns, pistols or ammunition, Liquor or alcohol beyond the quantity allowed (2 liters), or any illegal substances. When in doubt, ask Strand’s expert!

How early should I reserve a date for a pickup?

As early as possible! About a month in advance would be sufficient. In any event we will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

How long does the pick-up from my house take? When and how many workers come?

It all depends on the size of your shipment and what we discuss. In general, we come for a pick-up by 09:00 AM with enough crew to finish it as quickly as possible. For example, for an ordinary shipment of a 20′ container from a private house, we will send a professional team of four people, and the job will take about 6-8 hours (elevator buildings usually require more time).

Can we observe the packing into the lift/container?

Yes! We recommend it. When you come to the warehouse after the pick-up, we will have all your goods ready for your inspection. Don’t forget to bring all receipts/pictures, etc. from your suppliers so you can make sure that the right items were sent. Once it is inspected, we will pack it in the most economical manner possible without jeopardizing your goods.

How often do you have a sailing?

In general, we have a weekly sailing to most destinations in the world.

Do you provide services at destinations?

Since we ship a great volume to and from Israel, we designed our Door to Door service in such a way that we personally take care of all we can to ease your process upon landing. In most cases, all your interaction with our local agent is limited to receiving your goods at your residence. In South America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and the Far East we have very reliable agents that can provide you with customs clearance and deliveries to your door. Other destinations will be serviced up to the port. We are constantly adding new routes to provide better service to our growing number of customers.

Shipping to Israel, what should I expect at the other end?

With regard to releasing your goods from Customs, we’d prepare all the documentation for your signature. You’d have to review the documentation we send you and follow our written (and, if necessary, verbal) guidance as to completing information and signage. Via our agent, we will process your shipment through customs, and once it is released, we will schedule a delivery time with you. When we deliver the goods we advise that you’ll have somebody on your behalf by the truck, while you are guiding our crew, where to put things. We will uncover the furniture and remove the debris.

Israel is thousands of miles away from the US. The climate is different. The spoken language is different and the mentality, as nice it is, is different. From the landing of the vessel until the delivery of the goods to you, it takes up to a week, assuming there are no strikes or other such problems. If you ship less than a container load it may take few extra days. In any event, for many, it all happens very fast. Therefore, the more you prepare yourself for what is coming will make the process less overwhelming.

Should I shop for insurance by myself?

It is always an option, however, we can provide you with an all risk insurance policy at competitive rates. In such a case, you’ll be covered from the moment we receive goods at the warehouse and/or the time we pickup goods from your residence until the delivery of the goods at your destination residence. If something goes wrong we can assist you better in resolving your claim faster, since we work with these insurance providers on a regular basis. Please keep in mind that we will assume no liability for uninsured or under-insured items.